• For the Children of Gaza

    An Exhibition from mindseye: Anthony Dawton, Jim McFarlane & Giuseppe Aquili Including Visual Manipulations by the artist Dia Azzawi

Nearly to the day twelve years ago we wrote the article below. What we saw then broke our hearts. We can hardly take it on board that, today, once again the children of gaza will suffer the misery and consequences of war.

The images in this on-line exhibition were taken following the 2009 incursion into Gaza. They include five new visual manipulations from the renowned artist, Dia Azzawi. All profits from sales of the prints will be donated to MAP Medical Aid for Palestine.

After a year we thought things would be better or at least OK in Gaza . They are not. They are deteriorating. Houses still fall down, children will take you to their demolished house others will take you to a house where they now live with up to fifteen families.

Particularly in the refugee camps the sanitation is appalling, the water is dirty and babies are still dying from diarrhoea.

Education is a struggle, we saw open air schools doing their best but traumatised children and displaced children are overwhelming problems. Matters are further exasperated by the way the schools have been destroyed (shells fired laterally through the building to destroy half a dozen classroom at a time).

There are dreadful problems with unexploded ordinance hidden in the rubble and children continue to be killed and maimed.

The camps are overcrowded with very poor sanitary facilities. The blockade exasperates all of the above but none more directly than the young men who dig the myriad of tunnels under the Egyptian border risking their lives daily from the threat of Israeli bombing or simply a collapse in the tunnel.

Anthony Dawton. Jim McFarlane. Giuseppe Aquili


Dia Azzawi

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